Min Wong

Skin Type: Combination | Age Group: 35 & above

Cleanse and not drying my skin

27 Sep 2017 at 10:16 am

I love it! I fell for this first time I used it. This gel based type of body scrubs served two in one purposes, scrubs and cleanse with one step. I love this idea and the sweet strawberry scent was so amazing. I enjoyed my shower time with The Body Shop Strawberry Body Polish. It cleanse but did not dry my skin.

However, the scent was not long lasting. It disappeared soon after shower. The scrubs could be a little bit harsh and do not expect a rich foam from this product. The foam was very little and not enough to fulfilled those who enjoy foam.

However, I would return to this product. In general it still give superb value.


I doubt it is Ideal for sensitive skin

20 Sep 2017 at 11:10 am

I have breakouts and thus I opted for this, in which claimed that target for acne. After months of using, I still have breakouts and my situation was not being improved nor getting worse. My acne took nearly a week to start fading off. Once off it comes back again. I serious do not think this product is effective to kill or prevent pimples.

It is in general not a bad cleanser. It did not dry out my skin. My skin was cleansed througly, it felt refreshed after using it. One thing to mind those with sensitive skin user, the product contains fragrance and thus might not ideal for those with sensitive skin.