Review: Biore UV Aqua Rich Watery BB SPF 50+ PA+++

Rating: 3.8/5

"Good UV Protection, light and non greasy but not a good BB cream"

I like the idea of killing two birds with one stone of this product, being a long lasting UV block sun screen and BB cream at the same time. It had light and watery texture and easy to be absorbed by skin. It leave the skin non greasy which I really like. On top of it, it also give my skin certain level of moisturizing. However, this is not very ideal for air-conditional environment. The moisturizing and hydration level did not able to cater for a rather dry environment. It is only ideal for under the sun or outdoor with humid climate usage.

I also find it did not able to replace the BB cream that I use currently. This product did not give good blemish coverage as other BB cream do. For sun and UV protection, I would say Yes.


Age group: 35 & above
Skin type: Combination
Review: 73 reviews

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