Review: SILKYGIRL Magic BB Cream

Rating: 3.8/5

"Good Coverage!"

BB cream is getting more popular and widely used by people nowadays due to its convenience for the users. Recently, I got myself a new Silkygirl bb cream which is at a very shocking price (!!!) Therefore, I don’t really put high expectation on this product as I always thought that price is equivalent to the quality of the product. However, after trying this product, I realised that my perception was totally wrong. Silkygirl bb cream really provides its good quality which surprised me and at the same time, its affordable price will definitely suitable for people like students that do not have a budget on their makeup products.


Let’s see its packaging first as consumers always captivated by cute and fancy packaging right? (Especially girl haha). To me, the packaging for this bb cream is just simple and nice. It does not have any fancy design or high-tech function for the product but, it is just nice for users to squeeze out the amount that we wanted.

I choose Radiant 02 shade for myself as I’m an Asian girl with slightly yellowish skin tone. The radiant shade of this bb cream is able to brighten up my skin complexion, giving me a healthy skin tone.

Let’s see how it performs on my skin. >>> To me, it’s quite watery in contrast to other brands of bb cream which is usually more viscous. Due to this reason, it is easy for us to spread out of the skin, leaving a semi-matte finish.


The best part I like about this product is that it has a very good coverage when applying on my face. For your information, all my freckles are covered perfectly without using any concealer! Magic right! However, I found that my face will get oily straight after I apply the bb cream. Although it gets dry a little bit after some time, the oiliness is still obviously detected. Therefore, this product might best suitable for people with dry skin rather than oily/combination skin. Recommended using loose powder in order to get a desired matte finish on your face.


Age group: 19-24
Skin type: Combination
Review: 7 reviews

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