Review: Ginvera Marvel Gel (Zero Blackhead Gel)

Rating: 3.8/5

"Very Gentle"

Believe me or not, I used this everyday and it did not harm my skin. It was instead a very gentle scrubs that ideal to use it everyday.

I did not have good skin condition. I had breakouts, blackheads and open pores issue. This gentle scrubs helped me on removing my dead skin cells and help to refine my pores. It did not help much on removed blackheads, prevented pimples and removed oil seeds. It did good job on helping on my pigmentation as it faded off my acne scars relatively faster.

In a nutshell, it is a good product that cleanse the skin thoroughly which make better absorption on skin care product. I will continue using it.


Age group: 35 & above
Skin type: Combination
Review: 73 reviews

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