PSK Facial Night Jelly with Aloe Vera
Size: 100ml

PSK Facial Night Jelly with Aloe Vera By PSK

4 / 5

- Experience of youthful skin once again.
- The Aloe Vera Jelly Face Cream product is enriched with Pentavitin, Vitamin B5 and Aloe Vera Extract as the three main moisturizing ingredients
- Co-enzyme Q10 helps to nourish skin, reduce wrinkles immediately

- Face Summer Cooling Aloe Vera Gel brings water molecules into deep layer of skin for the best moisturizing effect and balancing skin’s pH level.
- Long lasting moisturizing effect.
- Revitalize your skin and giving you relaxing and refreshing sensation. immediately nourish your skin, reduce wrinkles and anti- formula.

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18 & below
35 & above


Age group: 25-29
Skin type: Dry
Review: 11 reviews


Review 18 Jan 2017 at 3:08 pm

I love this Aloe Vera sleeping mask so much as I had a bad skin condition for my face as I having heavy makeup during the pre wedding photo shooting, After I apply the sleeping mask, it help in soothing my skin condition make me feel refreshing and reduce the redness of my face due to sensitive skin I had.

Beside, other than a sleeping mask, it functions may helps in curing sunburn as well, I apply a thick layer for my husband for around 10 minutes and after wash off it do help in curing the painfulness of sunburn.

The product packaging is clean and simple, it comes in tube type which is more user friendly compare to those jar type. I will definitely recommenced this product to my friends as I feel that it will be one of my favorite skin rescue kits.

Age group: 25-29
Skin type: Normal
Review: 10 reviews

Suitable For Man Skin

Review 06 Jan 2017 at 2:57 pm

Have been used this product almost a week, apply every nights. It keep my skin moisture for whole night especially inside the aircon room. I do not see much effect on reduce winkle but the moisturizing effect was so obvious and NO PIMPLES after apply.

I think quite suitable for my skin type (Normal Type). Mild, jelly texture and light aloe vera smell.



This is the amount I apply on my face =)

After cleansing and I only apply toner to try out the effect of this product.


Age group: 35 & above
Skin type: Combination
Review: 7 reviews

Cooling Calming

Review 14 Dec 2016 at 5:06 pm


Special thanks to,
For sending PSK Facial Night Jelly with Aloe Vera,
All the way to my doorstep...


It's time to experience..
Youthful skin...
With Aloe Vera Jelly Face Cream product..
Which is enriched with Pentavitin,
Vitamin B5 and Aloe Vera Extract,
As the 3 main moisturizing ingredients...
The Co-Enzyme Q10,
Helps to nourish skin,
Reduce wrinkles immediately..
It also visibly reduces early signs of skin aging,
While providing intensive moisturizing care.

This product is used as,
The last step of maintenance at night.
Use finger to take a proper amount of facial jelly,
And apply on face evenly.
Gently massage skin in circular motion.
No need to rinse,
Let the skin fully rest,
Until the next morning..
It sounds like a night mask for me...


Likes the transparent jelly form...
It is non-greasy to touch..
And it feels refreshing when it touches my skin..
And absorbs the goodness of Aloe Vera almost immediately..

For your preference,
Maybe you can consider to store this product,
In the refrigerator..
Extra cooling effect!

Age group: 25-29
Skin type: Combination
Review: 20 reviews

Calm irritable skin, Non-greasy

Review 08 Dec 2016 at 11:32 pm

We all know that the amazing healing properties of the aloe vera plant and it felt almost not too long ago, mom rubbed a slice of the clear aloe vera gel on painful sunburns. Rich in Vitamin C and polysaccharides, it is proven to boost immunity, wonderful detox and antioxidant agent. Did I mention it is a beauty savior too?

Recently, I had the chance to try out the Facial Night Jelly from PSK; a Taiwan skin care brand.

Although they have a wide range of cosmetic and skin care products, I was particularly attracted to the aloe vera series due to my skin increased sensitivity (kitchen being renovated as I type).


The 3 key ingredients in this Aloe Vera Facial Night Jelly are Pentavitin, Vitamin B5 and Aloe Vera Extract. These moisturizing ingredients when combined with Co-enzyme Q10 nourishes the skin, reducing wrinkles appearance.


Instructions on usage behind the packaging.





The packaging is different from the usual large tub container and personally, I prefer it this way as it is more hygenic with lesser risk of contamination. The smaller volume and tube design also allows easier storage, especially when it comes to fluid restriction in aircraft cabin.

One thing that I come to notice is that PSK Facial Night Jelly with Aloe Vera has a thicker texture in comparison to the aloe vera soothing gels that I usually use. Although it has a denser texture, I had no issue in spreading it on my skin. It smells pleasant and also, non-greasy to touch which is a great relief (creamy type doesn't work well on my combination skin). To increase the cooling sensation of the gel, I stored this product in the refrigerator and the comfort is beyond words.

As for the effectiveness of the Aloe Vera Night Jelly, my skin felt less itchy and smoother the next morning as it soothes the sensative area. Besides that, there are no visible pore size reduction after 1 week of usage (my pore size is rather big due to my skin type and that can influence the product outcome). The price is slightly higher than it's competitors but considering the additional vitamin of Q10, it is acceptable in my opinion.

Age group: 25-29
Skin type: Oily
Review: 46 reviews

It's perfect for my oily/combination skin

Review 27 Nov 2016 at 3:37 pm




The night jelly with coenzyme Q10 and Aloe Vera contains an enhanced combination of your skin's own anti-wrinkle ingredients. Q10 visibly reduces early signs of skin aging while providing intensive moisturising care.




The packaging is simple and it's a very clear liquid from the tube.

Contains three moisturising ingredients- Pentavitin, Vitamin B5, Aloe Vera Extract to immediately nourish skin and reduces wrinkles.

Used as the last step of maintenance at night. Use your finger to take a proper amount of facial jelly and apply on your face evenly. And gently massage your skin in circular motion. No need to rinse. Let the skin fully rest until the next morning.


To be honest, I have never heard of this brand before. I was also a bit skeptical when I first used it. I wasn't sure how my skin will react to this brand.

But let me tell you, I was blown away by the morning effect! After just an overnight application, I was surprised by the results when I woke up. My skin was so smooth, silky, bright and glowing. Really! No kidding. I wouldn't even say this much about a product if it wasn't this good. I am just sharing my personal experience and I tell you, I will definitely buy this product on my own once I finish this tube.


Besides that, the tube makes it very hygienic for application. Just squeeze some on the finger and you're good to apply. Also, the jelly feels cooling on the skin and it absorbs rather quickly leaving no sticky feeling.

I am very impressed by the quality of this skincare. It's perfect for my oily/combination skin and now I feel like my skin is less oily in the morning and it's so easy for makeup application before work.

Best part is that it's very reasonable costing only RM90.00 for a tube of 100ml.

Age group: 25-29
Skin type: Combination
Review: 2 reviews

Refreshing with PSK Facial Night Jelly

Review 19 Nov 2016 at 4:13 pm

We all know Aloe Vera has rejuvenating function. No matter it is aloe vera mask, aloe vera sleeping mask, aloe vera did not fail to function like it usually does. What comes better is applying aloe vera riched gel mask onto face will keep you refresh throughout the next day.

PSK night jelly has a very unique instruction, in which I am encouraged to evenly massage my face with the jelly, then leave in and go to bed, and rinse my face in the next morning. This instruction is so special! It enables me to apply the jelly evenly to prevent uncovered surface. By the way, it smells like normal aloe vera products.

The main reason I like it is that it is not greasy at all after applying. So, it definitely would not interrupt me while sleeping as most of the girls like me scare of messing the gel with the pillow. With PSK facial night jelly, I can twist and turn freely as I want throughout the night! Yeah! In the next morning, I will still feel some jelly texture when I rinse my face. It keeps me moisture at all time. Meanwhile it is a very affordable piece.

Age group: 25-29
Skin type: Combination
Review: 14 reviews

Nice soothing sleeping mask

Review 16 Nov 2016 at 3:34 pm

The packaging is quite simple and hygienic since it's in tube and not jar. I actually prefer this tupe of packaging as most of sleep mask are in jar packaging and dipping fingers in it will contaminate the product and might cause breakouts.


It doesn't have a strong scent, and smell pleasant which is a plus. The gel is transparent and actually absorbs quite fast into the skin. It reminds me of the aloe vera gel that's sold in tubs. There's no greasy feeling afterwards and I can actually feel cooling sensation when wearing it. My face feels quite moisturized and plump the next morning.


What I don't like about the product is the packaging as it looks too simple, but I understand that some people prefer simple packaging. The packaging for me looks boring and I won't be attracted to buy it if I don't know how well the product performs.

Overall the product works quite well like popular brands. I actually prefer this than my Laneige mask because it feels very soothing and hydrating. The price is quite pricy but per mL of the product, the price is almost the same as most of sleeping mask sold at the counter.

This sleeping mask can be bought from PSK Skin care & Kosmetics Malaysia facebook



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