PSK Deep Sea Intensive Hydra Cream
Size: 30ml

PSK Deep Sea Intensive Hydra Cream By PSK

4.1 / 5

Specialization; Feature:
- Come from the depth of the sea, bring forth natural moisturizing cream that give 24-hour skin moisturizing protection.
- Glutinous, non-sticky creamthat will dissolve quickly, provide your skin with natural moisturizer needed, and give all-day- long skin protection for your shiny and healthy skin.
- Directly comfort dry skin, maintain 24-hour moisturizer protection
- Relaxing and revitalizing
- For a softer, soother and shinier skin.

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18 & below
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Age group: 30-34
Skin type: Combination
Review: 8 reviews

Moisturizing, Best for Dry Skin

Review 10 Feb 2017 at 12:12 am


This is the second product from PSK that I've tried out. Once again, I tried to do some research online about the product, but I couldn't find much about it. Basically, the Intensive Hydra Cream is a moisturizer. The hydra cream comes in a blue bottle, which I find it to be very nice and totally matches the name "Deep Sea Source Extraction"..... Also, I like how it comes with a spatula. It is always better and more hygiene to scoop out the product using a spatula, instead of our bare fingers. You don't want to contaminate the entire bottle!


The Intensive Hydra Cream is said to repair the skin while locking in the moisture for 24 hours. Well, judging by what I'm seeing, the cream does look very promising.



As the name suggested, the texture is creamy but not too thick. The very first thing that caught my attention - the cream doesn't have any fragrance! This is definitely a plus sign, if you prefer to apply non-fragrance skincare like me. When I first scooped out the cream, I was a little worry that it might felt heavy on the skin. Surprisingly, the cream was pretty light-weight and absorbed quite into the skin. Also, it doesn't leave any sticky residue on the skin.

On the other hand, I realized whenever I applied the cream during the day along with my makeup, my face tends to get oily faster. Personally, my skin condition is dry-combination. So, I think the cream will work better if you have really dry skin. Alternatively, you can use it as an overnight hydrating cream!

Age group: 30-34
Skin type: Combination
Review: 7 reviews

Best for Dry Skin

Review 06 Jan 2017 at 3:55 pm


If you have dry skin, this is the product which you should look for. Why? My skin was excessively dry last time due to excessive use of skincare products. There were pimples all over my face especially on forehead, cheeks, and chin. It was a hell for me. So, I tried this intensive hydra cream and the first thing that amazed me was the cooling effect, and how it moisturized my skin. In fact, my skin was bouncy and dewy after every uses. Moreover, it absorbs well into my skin leaving my skin with suppleness and radiance.


Apart from that, this cream is non-alcohol, and non-fragrance. It has light texture that absorbs into the skin within seconds. Perfect to be applied during day and night. The sea algae forms a protective membrane on the skin surface layer which relieves, repairs, and soothes dry skin quickly. I usually apply this before layering it with my base make-up, and sometimes with PSK Pearl CC Cream because they complement with each others. I love how it gives my skin with the moisturizing effect and leaves my skin feel fresh and without that taut feeling.

The best thing about this cream (in which I really fall in love) is it helps to heal my pimple scars. I noticed that my skin condition has improved so much that I decided to recommend this to anyone who has dry skin problem.


Age group: 25-29
Skin type: Combination
Review: 5 reviews

Great product!

Review 06 Dec 2016 at 12:05 am

I've been going around searching for the best moisturizer that will help my dehydrated skin as I worked long hours in air-conditioned office. Till the other day, i received this Intensive Hydra Cream from PSK and gave it a try. I have to say it did wonders to my skin. I slathered it onto my entire face after toning. And this product does absorbs pretty quickly into my skin. The best part is, it does not leave my skin feeling too greasy after application.1_15397737_10154384993349690_530351572_o

How to use: Take an appropriate amount and apply it on your face after toning.

The Texture: It is a cream type product that is lightweight and can easily be spread on skin.

• lightweight packaging
• affordable
• skin looks and feels more plumped and hydrated

• can't think of any for the time being

This cream really did a great job at keeping my skin feeling comfortable and hydrated. Most importantly helps to protect my skin during my long working hours while leaving my skin feeling as soft and fresh as baby skin.

Age group: 19-24
Skin type: Dry
Review: 3 reviews

Super hydrating

Review 23 Nov 2016 at 6:21 pm

Yeah finally it reach my doorstep! My face is consider a dry skin, and most of the time I have a peeling nose and I love to peel it all the time cuz I feel uncomfortable when see it. And after using it my skin become more moisture, it won't feel dry anymore. Highly recommended for those who have dry skin. One more thing which is it won't feel sticky after apply it, you can apply it before your makeup.




Age group: 35 & above
Skin type: Sensitive
Review: 8 reviews

Hydra / soothing nice product ~

Review 18 Nov 2016 at 11:15 pm


240_image.jpg241_image.jpgHi all ,
Recently i receive chance to try PSK celebrity products /best combo . :)
1) PSK Pearl CC Cream (with puff ) and 2) PSK deep sea source extraction
Intensive hydra cream ( With applicator) , packaging state these two product is made in TAIWAN.
I interested in review hydra cream because i have dehydrated and sensitive skin.
online information introduce deep sea source extraction series extract the essence of deep sea algae to deeply repair and moisturize the skin. It's no harm to give it a try.right?
According official introduction ,: hydra cream is targeted on repairing, soothing , nourishing , whitening, moisturizing ,hydrated purposes.
Usage: ( according instruction )
Take about 1 to 2 peanut -sized , first apply cream from the chin and neck in an upward direction along the cheek, eventually apply cream up to forehead . Slowly massage and relax your skin until completely absorbed . Store In cold area.
Ingredients : Chondrus Crispus ( carrageenan ) extract, laminaria ochroleuca extract, imperata cylindrica (Root ) Extract , Tripleurospermum, maritima extract, saccharide isomerate, panthenol, theobroma grandiflorum seed butter, Shea butter, camellia oleifera seed oil, tocopherol, allantoin,propanediol, glycerin, 1,3 butylene glycol, cetyl Ethylhexanoate, Isohexadecane, caprylic/ capric triglyceride, cetearyl olivate, sorbitan olivate, stearic acid, carbomer, phenoxyethanol , chlorphenesin, Aqua.
After few try , i found PSK deep sea source extraction Intensive hydra cream is having:
1.Light scent (acceptable) 2. Non-greasy/ sticky 3.white colour cream 4) 30ml size
5. Product design is simple and classic 6. Shelf life 3 years
Currently i apply it on day and night (after toning ) , i am glad it doesn't stimulate my skin at all~ . I feel comfort with it , It did good job on soothing skin . Furthermore, i think it actually more to hydrate purpose . :) It cost RM130 per pcs. It's neither cheap nor too expensive . It is a nice product, i will continue consume it and hoping can get a discount rate for next purchase :p

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