Bourjois Lash Machine Volume Boosting Fibres
Size: 9ml

Bourjois Lash Machine Volume Boosting Fibres By Bourjois

4.4 / 5

Pump up your lashes with Bourjois Lash Machine Volume Boosting Fibres, a lash enhancing formula that works to boost the length and thickness of your lashes.

Perfect for those with shorter eyelashes, or those who want increased fullness, the mascara primer is applied in-between two coats of your conventional mascara. After applying your first coat as normal, simply sweep Lash Machine Mascara Primer across the lashes and see the visible white fibres attach themselves to create the full look you desire. Finish with a final coat of traditional mascara to enjoy longer, thicker lashes for 24 hours without clumps

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Age group: 25-29
Skin type: Sensitive
Review: 8 reviews

Longer Lashes Instantly

Review 29 Nov 2015 at 11:49 am


Now, I've used other lash boosting fibres before so I was quite surprised when I pulled out the wand for the Lash Machine. Other fibres I've used came in white, liquid form in a normal mascara brush but the Lash Machine has a unique stick-like applicator with spirals to grab onto the fibres and the lashes easily. The applicator is supposed to pull lashes into shape at the sweep of the brush. The fibres are dry and fluffy and it's definitely not to be worn on its own, unless you're a fan of white lashes? Haha. It promises to last up to 24 hours and comes off easily with makeup remover.


Don't be intimidated by the Lash Machine applicator, it's actually really to use. After putting on your mascara as usual, apply the Lash Machine on wet mascara for the best effect. This helps the fibres to grip on to something, otherwise they will just fly around your face and make a big mess. Trust me, I made a mistake of trying it on without a mascara base first and it's quite awkward. How I use the applicator is simply roll it upwards from the root of my lashes. It's easy to use as the little white fibres are clearly visible and spreads easily. Finally, apply a second coat of mascara on top to cover up the white fibres and achieve longer, thicker lashes.

DSC05590.JPGHow the fibres look on my lashes. It's like cobwebs hanging from my eyes!


I used the Lash Machine on my left eye only to do a comparison. As you can see, it really works in giving longer and fuller-looking lashes! With only one coat of the fibres, the difference is quite stark between both my eyes. My left eyelashes not only look longer and thicker, but curls up better too! That's a huge plus point for me as I have stubborn lashes that doesn't curl. However, I would recommend only using one layer of fibres as it tends to appear clumpy and you can see white specks left if your second coat of mascara is not applied properly. Overall, it's a fun applicator to use, albeit a little time-consuming, and I'm relieved that the end-results look quite natural and did not give me spidery-lashes. Not a silly gimmick after all ;)

Age group: 19-24
Skin type: Dry
Review: 12 reviews

Love it!

Review 23 Nov 2015 at 3:20 pm


Hello lovelies, recently Bourjois keeps coming up with new products and I luckily get to try The latest Bourjois Lash Machine Volume Boosting Fibres! At first I thought this was a regular mascara for extreme length and volume by the packaging. But when I opened the package I found a very different product from what I have not worked with before. It's not something new that we do not know yet, but I thought it was really nice to finally test myself once. Not sure if you have already try this kind of product before or not, but for me is first time to try Fibres Mascara! THE ULTIMATE PARTNER OF ALL MASCARAS! What is Lash Machine? The perfect lash booster for lashes that are too short, too thin or not full enough. It pulls lashes into shape at the sweep of the brush, with its boosting formula. It is not a mascara, it need to apply between 2 layers of your mascara. So, Are you ready for extraordinary lashes? Lash Machine gives you the volume and length of your dreams in the blink of an eye, with any mascara. Without further ado, let's get started! :D






The perfect lash booster for lashes that are too short, too thin or not full enough, it pulls lashes into shape at the sweep of the brush, with its boosting formula. Your lashes will thicken as if by magic and automatically lengthen by 15%.


Lash Machine is suitable for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers.

It comes off easily when you remove your make-up including your eye make-up and lasts for 24 hours.


How to apply:



Apply Lash Machine between two coats of mascara.

Apply your traditional mascara as usual.

Then apply Lash Machine immediately after, exactly like a mascara. It’s easy as the little white fibres are clearly visible and easy to spread.

Apply a second coat of traditional mascara and enjoy much longer and thicker lashes for 24 hours, without clumps.


I thought it is a white mascara to lengthen your lashes. But this is not true, it is a brush with fibers to lengthen your lashes between the two layers of mascara, sounds exciting, right? And If you take the brush out of the box it's like a candy fetch up ;p


Before without any Mascara


With One Coat of Mascara


So first you bring a coat of mascara, do not let it dry. I did it first and then immediately bringing the fibers with the convenient comb. It just like how you apply mascara! They are fibers that you apply on your wet mascara and then yet again applying a coat of mascara. This should give exaggerated lashes volume and length and let me keep just say that. The fibers are tested on people with sensitive eyes or lenses. I wear lenses everyday so hope I'm not even bother really but still have to be careful, because they are small fibers that can quickly get into your eyes and be able to cause irritation.


My lashes with Lash Machine, can you see are the fibers?



After applied Lash Machine, immediately apply second coats of Mascara.


Woo can you spot the difference? One eye with Lash Machine + Mascara, the other eye with Mascara only. Which you can see it clearly my lashes with Lash Machine is more volumizing and lengthening compared with the other eyes that only with 2 coat of Mascara. If you noticed my right and left eyes bottom lashes is actually difference length. My right eye bottom lashes is longer and thick, but my left eyes bottom lashes is short and thin. I always wanted to have longer bottom lashes, but ends up I applied too many coats of mascara it made me look like Panda. But no worries, apply regular mascara with Lash Machine, it achieved me to have same length but thicker and longer bottom lashes!!! OMG, both of my bottom lashes finally has same length :D


Wow! This little things really helps me to achieve long and thick eyelashes!! I only applied two coats of mascara and one coat of Lash Machine!! It works amazingly!! Awesome. They certainly make their promise to excessive volume and length. But without lumps I dare not say, just look good in my right eye, looks not really "natural". My lashes kinda like the spider legs and that I would rather not. But, anyway this product really helps me to achieve longer and thicker lashes, if your lashes that are too short, too thin or not full enough you may try Bourjois Lash Machine. You will love the effect.






It may look like spider leg if I zoom in and shoot, but If I selfie is fine, it's just like normal lashes but longer and thicker. So far, I quite in love with this Lash Machine, because it can use with any mascara! No matter waterproof or smudgeproof, just use it with Lash Machine to volume and lengthening your lashes! I sure you will love this product :)


Price; RM42.90


Age group: 19-24
Skin type: Dry
Review: 7 reviews

Helps alot in lengthening

Review 02 Nov 2015 at 1:42 pm

More product reviews coming in guys! How many of you here have tried or heard of the Brand Bourjois? Most of us could easily tell it's a french brand based on their name and seen them in our local pharmacies since early 2014 when they were first introduced to our market.

Though they've been around for almost close to 2 years (thanks to my sis who constantly raves about it) but never got myself to try them out as you all know i am super faithful to my Asian (Japan & Korea) brands and kinda reluctant to try European brands since most of their formulas are made for Caucasian skin type and weather. Only Asian brands know what we Malaysians need as we are almost quite similar :P


Bias, i know! Haha.

But never try, we'll never know right?




This product was sent for a reviewing purposes on a beauty website and hate to admit that so far i am actually loving this mascara, looking to explore more products from this brand too.

The only thing i didn't like about it (the mascara) was it's bulky design that made it so not travel friendly since it's size and shape took up quite some space in my cosmetic bag.

The fibre booster size was slim, so i had no problem with that, only wish the mascara was as slim lol.




How to use the Fribre booster?


The fibre booster is meant to add more volume & length to your lashes which is suitable for those lacking of long natural lashes. I understand that not all of us are that blessed but at least we know there are things to help us out a lil haha.

According to the Fibre booster instructions you are supposed to apply in in between your mascara coats to maximize results.

But for this experiment i tried using it as a base first (before any mascara) and applied more fibre (1-2 more times) after my 2 coats of mascara.



With fibre you can see the lashes are longer than the one without any.


Honestly they should have market these 2 as a package deal (buy 2 for the price of RMXX) as it works very well with each other giving women out there desirable luscious long lashes without having to go for lash extension lol.

Don't get me wrong, on it's own the mascara already performs quite well in terms of lengthening but not too much on volume, though it states on it's name that it's a "Volume Mascara".




The bristles on the mascara is great for capturing every single fine lash, making sure it's well coated but unfortunately it's rather too big for lower lashes. I always end up having to clean around the edges for smudges caused by the large brush. I would love to have this mascara, brush and all in a smaller/thinner version then it would be just perfect for short Asian sparse lashes.


The mascara is considered "quick drying (about 1-2 min), not as fast as Kiss Me's mascara (less than 1 min) but still quicker than your slowest drying mascara lol.

Proven that this mascara is waterproof & long lasting up to 24 hours as claimed, you'll need a strong make up remover to melt the mascara before wiping it off, so if you are going for a soppy movie or gym you may use this mascara since i've not encountered any flaking or panda eyes after a long day.

And my definition of long day includes alot of sweating :P

Removing process might be tricky so best be patient with it, to quicken the process try using Kiss Me's mascara remover.


But overall, the results are satisfying despite the tedious cleaning up, check out my photo below.

Lengthening: 8.5/10
Volume: 4.5/10
Waterproof: 9.5/10
(hard to remove)



You can see there is not much "volume" in it.


This product is available in your local leading pharmacies, will update the price later lol.



**Disclaimer: Though the product is sponsored for reviewing purposes, this does not affect my judgement as I have tried & proven it myself :-)




Original post:







Age group: 25-29
Skin type: Combination
Review: 21 reviews

Longer and Fuller Lashes

Review 01 Nov 2015 at 6:55 pm

Lash Machine is the the perfect lash booster for lashes that are too short, too thin or not full enough. It pulls lashes into shape at the sweep of the brush with its boosting formula.






This Lash Machine is best to be used with any mascara. The white fibres on the brushes are easily to be seen.




Apply Lash Machine in between two coats of any mascara you wish to use. The Lash Machine is just easy to spread. But be careful not to apply directly under the fan as I am afraid it will fly off easily since the fibres are rather light in weight.



Apply Lash Machine in between 2 coats of mascara

Overall, the Lash Machine gives me a fuller and longer lashes after application. I like it that I do not have to spend on fake eyelashes and it makes my eyes look bigger with the long lashes. *wide grin* Besides that, it is also easy to be removed with makeup remover.






The results are pretty obvious with the application of Lash Machine in between your two coats of mascara. Lash Machine gives you the volume and length of your dreams in the blink of an eye, with any mascara.

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