What is BFF ?
BFF is a beauty community exclusively for you to share your beauty experience and buy the best product recommended by our community. BFF offers unbiased reviews from real users and provides a wide range of product information for you to make the best choice before making a purchase.


Is BFFsays.com an eCommerce store ?
Different with a conventional eCommerce store, we are beauty review portal with buying features. From reading unbiased reviews to check out, we make your shopping experience more interactive and worthy! 


How do you make sure that the reviews posted in BFFsays.com are unbiased ?
We try our best to provide the most unbiased beauty reviews in our platform. Each published reviews are audited carefully to make sure it is unbiased and based on the honest opinion from the users. 


How do I write review for a product ? 
Click on 'Write A Review' button at the top right of every page.


Is there any guidelines for writing a good review?
Check out our 'Review Guidelines' for Do and Don't for writing a good review


What language is allowed in writing a review?
English, Malay and Chinese languages are allowed in BFF !