Review Guidelines



We want to create an unbiased beauty portal for our users to get most accurate and honest information they need to make smart buying choices. As a BFF user, you are encouraged to share your opinions, both favorable and unfavorable. However, we do not tolerate any content that is against our posting rule. 

Here are some tips for writing a review , a good quality review should covers :

- Pros
- Cons
- Smell
- Texture
- Coverage
- Feel
- Lasting
- Application (for skincare products)
- How often do you use?
- Effectiveness
- What do you like about this product?
- Product Value
- Would you recommend to others?
- Remarks
- Where did you buy and how much is the product?


More tips on getting your review featured. Click How to Get Your Review Featured


Sometimes we do find fake reviews are written for the sake of earning points and violating our rules. 
Your review or article could be Rejected / Disapproved / Edited due to the following reason : 

- Contain very little wordings. eg : very nice, i feel good, i like this product such contents
- Contain too many words that are irrelevant or pointless to reach minimum word counts to earn points.
- Contain irrelevant / offensive / abusive / obscene / immoral / distasteful content. 
- Contain images / links / contents that are promotional.
- Contents are gotten from product description or official information. 
  Duplicated content are detected to be copied from search engine.
- We detected the same contents on the same products, or same contents on different products. 
  We are sure your beauty review experiences are different on different products!
- Contain personal information such as a phone number or email address.
- The photo is not original. 
- The photo is taken from official product photo or copied from somewhere else. 
- Contain promotional URL for example store or blog link 
- Copied directly from other website. You may extract review from your personal blog but not the exact content. 
- Overly focused on describing the product attribute instead of your personal experience. 
- We reserve the right to reject any review/ article for any reason besides those that are mentioned above.


To help illustrate, here are a few examples of reviews that we don't allow:

A product manufacturer posts a review of their own product, posing as an unbiased shopper.
An user posts a review in exchange for $5 with a seller.
An user is hired to create multiple account to post positive review.
A brand merchant posts negative reviews on his competitor's product
An user copy content from other people blogs or beauty review website. 


An approved review may be changed to disapproved or rejected if we find the content is violating our rules afterward. You are welcomed to resubmit review if you find your previous review is rejected. Make sure that your new review is aligned with our guidelines. 


Photo Submission

We welcome review submission with photo attachment. However, not all photos will be given extra points. Here are the examples :

Points will be given to:
- photo of product applying on your skin
- photo of product applying on your face
- photo of your selfie holding product
- photo of different shade or color of the product
- photo of your before and after using the product

No points will be given to:
- photo taken from official product image
- photo of the product only
- photo with hand holding the product 
- photo taken from other people's blog photo that is not originally taken by the user


Disabled Account

If we detected repeating spams/content that are against our posting guidelines under a same user account, the account will be disabled from posting review. Once your account is disabled, you will see a notice box on top when you are logged in. 

If you think we got it wrong and removed a review or disable an account that we shouldn’t have, please e-mail and we will take another look.  Do note that we might not be able to reply every inquiry about rejected reviews due to there are large amount of submission daily.