3 Tips For Selecting The Best Skincare Products For Your Skin

3 Tips For Selecting The Best Skincare Products For Your Skin

Walk into a beauty store, whether it’s your neighborhood pharmacy like Guardian or Watson, or whether it’s a makeup mecca like Sephora, you’d be greeted by rows and rows of products for you to drool over, try out, and ultimately, purchase.

Ever spend too much time staring at the products and agonizing over which one to get? I certainly have. With the wide variety of skincare products available in the market, how do you choose the best products from your skin?

Here’s 3 tips for selecting the best skincare products for your skin.

1.     Look for hypoallergenic products
What are hypoallergenic products?

Hypoallergenic cosmetics are products that are claimed to produce fewer allergic reactions than other cosmetic products by its manufacturer. The products should be gentler to skins, making it perfect for consumers with sensitive skin, or even if you just have "normal" skin.

However, even then, there’s no guarantee that it won’t cause a reaction on your skin. To be safe, test it by using it only on a small patch skin.

2.     Know your skin type
Do you have oily skin? Do you have dry skin? Is your skin neither oily or dry? If so, that means your skin is “normal”. If your skin both oily and dry? If so, you have “combination skin”.

If you have oily skin, you might want to avoid rich creams (which are perfect for dry skin), and look for products that control shine or dries with a matte finish. If you have combination skin, you can use different products for different skin conditions on your face.

3.     Read the ingredient label
How do you know whether a product will work? Start by checking its ingredient label – what’s in it, and what’s the concentration of its active ingredients.

Look for the ingredients that will address your skin concern. However, having an ingredient listed isn’t enough. Depending on the ingredient, it may need to be a certain concentration to make a difference to skin. If there’s a sufficient amount in the product, the number should be on the label, for example, 0.5 percent retinol, 2 percent salicylic acid, 10 percent glycolic acid or 10 percent vitamin C.




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